Friday, 14 January 2011

God damm It's Turbowolf !

FUCK YES - TurboWolf !!!!

I accidently had the pleasure of stumbling across a new rock n' roll band whilst dwindling along in East London last friday Night. The venue - The Old Blue Last,which had a warm welcome , with Stu from the Gallows by the frost door - sporting the American baseball style jacket ( un-neccesarily) stating GALLOWS CREW on the back . Regardless of that aspect, i was an eager beaver for the absolutely under-rated Ghost Of A Thousand, of whom i saw strolling around the venue . In the "overly" ( but realisticly underly) cool district of where i was, surrounded by the camera wielding douches who insist on wearing minature hill billy wooly hats with matching hilly billy checkered shirts, i was eager ( as always) to discover new hope in the genre of rock n' roll. 
I was greeted to the stage area/upstairs bar by an unknown band with an awesome hair wearing, very noticable front -Wo-man.With her screaming the NIN -'I want to fuck you like an animal' it was of no surprise to hear small chat between guys consisting of nothing but their primative desires. With an average performance but better than average presence i wish them the best of luck - but experience is the only aspect they lack, good on them. And supporting TGOAT at that level of earliness in a bands career is truly fucking sick to be honest.
The second band , i dont even want to name this absolute horror to music, with the shame of the fact that one of my favourite bassists ( Stu) actually demonstrating support for the Welsh band - XXXXX , my opinions on them are that they should stay in Wales, and not try to progress any further than that. It was a reminder of how bad music can be, how people can get too carried away with wrong routes - the hardcore scene is one that wont be remembered by anybody, except in the listeners regrets 10 years later. I fucking hate hardcore( modern hardcore that is).
This peice of shit band aint worth a second more of my thoughts,fuck em.



These guys knew what they were doing - with interesting and unique appearances that falls back into the old days of rock n' roll , crazy shirts, ridiculously long hair, skinny bodies, skinny clothes and heart for music. I knew before they even started that they were about to impress me. The crowd were hyped to an extreme level before the end of the first song, then catastrophe struck.  With technical problems on the guitarists amp, even for the first song , the set was cut very short . The front man was riding the waves of the audience in that short time, engraving memories in our heads of baubels flying everywhere, he knew how to work a crowd.
Later research led me to discover that these guys supported Korn across Europe and have played alongside PABH ( another upcoming band i dig). Fucking check them out, i was distraught to discover that 2010 was the worst year for rock music in the charts for 50 FUCKING YEARS YEA. So basically we need to buy more music ! Or go to more performances, do your part for music .


Check them out.

Also , a new TGOAT song for all to listen to , from that very night , recorded by yours truly :