Thursday, 7 July 2011

Pete Doherty Out Of Prison

Music Legend Pete Doherty is out of prison after just 6 WEEKS of a 6 MONTH prison sentence.

This has delighted fans, enabling them to witness him perform at the various festivals/gigs he had previously agreed to attend. Rumours have it that he is to still perform at the Reading Festival this year. Also news has spread that new performances have been announced in the UK this year, links to buy tickets are :

He was sentanced to 6 months prison initially due to possession of Cocaine, a Class A drug, with other potential cases dangling over his head ( the death of a film maker, annd a robbery of a guitar from a music shop in Germany), Pete has had a rocky year. With the incredible success of the Libertines performance at Reading Festival last year, it seemed he had grown out of the troublesome days. Some people just attract trouble.  Also i heard the other day that the women who is the father of Pete Doherty's son is the mother of a child from Liam Gallagher, wikipedia just confirmed that one for me ;).