Sunday, 4 September 2011


Kerouac - They deserve a minute of your time.

Despite the one time when I did see them ;a brawl occurred briefly between a friend and the lead vocals of this band, I still have the decency to admit that there is at least a thread of potential in this. It feels like a new genre/style is brewing in an underground movement called #UKSWELL. Unfortunately bands like BASTIONS remain the skid marks of such a potential swing of music. But none the less, Kerouac are often seen alongside Pariso who i whole heartedly promote, despite the un-neccesarily short tracks and combined albums/EPs . They are producing new unique stock and have a small, but strong following.

KEROUAC Maida Vale Studios from toby Thomas on Vimeo.


  1. How are short tracks 'unneccesary?' Surely the length of a track irrelevant as long as the the artistic intention is met? And how are split EPs 'slightly lazy' when it's both more economically viable for small, poor bands to afford and a good way of promoting both artists? Do you have any grasp on what you're talking about at all?

  2. Fuck small tracks, the pariso/kerouac split adds up to about 4 minutes in total. Pointless. Compared against such tracks as Heavy Hearted & Little Mountains We Move.
    You can get an EP produced fucking cheap aswell, a split EP has NEVER worked. EP's usually represent the bands earliest stages to see where they eventually develop towards. Anyways, i'm not a huge fan just trying to promote music i dig and if you think that's a bad thing i'd suggest you'd go do yourself.