Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Apollo's Arrows

                               Apollo's Arrows

A unique 3 piece from Southampton (where many decent bands seem to be uprising from these days,something in the water..) have been playing together since 2009. They regard themselves as 'Retro Surf Math', which I really don't know what means but I do know they have my seal of approval.
My recent knack for spotting decent bands is always being confirmed as I venture to the slums of venues armed with a buddy or two (PABH/Turbowolf/Brontide/Kerouac) is further confirmed by these guys. I put alot of faith in them, they have catchyness aswell as integrity and slightly importantly; a decent ability to play the instruments they wield.

View this video, one of my favourite of their songs. They are definately worth a few moments of your time:

And if that swayed your opinion at all, I beg for no personal gain, but your enlightenment, that you help kick start this notion and get your lazy self down to one of these gigs and have a night out:

Also Polio are pretty decent aswell, not a bad word to say about them. I listen to Oliver Cromwell quite regularly. But this post is about AA.

And on a completely different note, to demonstrate the wide range of music that I am drawn to, check out this James Blake song, eerie to say the least and is a reminder that piano is a timeless instrument:

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