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3 Piece - Bass/Drums/Guitar/0 Vocals
Genre - Instrumental
Label - Holy Roar Records
History - Sans Souci Released 2011/Currently working on 'Coloured Tounges' which is due to be released Feb 2012.

I personally have seen them twice, once in the humble venue 'The Peel'  in which they supported Gallows and in which many were awestruck. Not many were aware of who they were initially and with slight conversation throughout, the end was far different, mainly due to the incredible presence of the drummer ( who,rumour has it, was the session drummer for La Roux (defo needs confirmation)). Also I saw them headline 'The Borderline' up in London, also a special show, since I think it was until then,their biggest. Always a pleasure to watch and they attract a varied audience, not quite a moshy type band but their are always some, check them out.


They have performed their whole album 'Sans Souci' back to back for this awesome video :

They have an upcoming tour in which they are travelling the UK to impress many a waiting ear:

1 3 . 0 2 . 1 2  -  S T E R E O  /  G L A S G O W  -  T I C K E T S
1 5 . 0 2 . 1 2  -  T H E  B R U D E N E L L  /  L E E D S  -  T I C K E T S
1 6 . 0 2 . 1 2  -  T H E  C R O F T  /  B R I S T O L  -  T I C K E T S
1 7 . 0 2 . 1 2  -  T H E  L E X I N G T O N  /  L O N D O N  -  T I C K E T
1 8 . 0 2 . 1 2  -  D R U I D S  A R M S  /  B R I G H T O N  -  F R E E 


And as always,to end with something different, to celebrate their return, I give you Refused:

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